About Us


Since the age 13 owner Kaprease Adams had a passion for hair. "I went from doing others hair to learning how to do my own. With that being said every time I was doing my hair I was purchasing new hair to try. Every time I tried a different hair company it was just something that I did not like about the hair . Wether it was shedding too much, tangling, etc. Then I became an ambassador for one of my friends company and had this instant thought of "What are you doing!? Join the game !"” She stated .

At The KayLuxe ColIection we know that hair is a way to make women & young girls feel beautiful. A way to express themselves, and try new things. It’s a proven fact that when your hair is done you feel 10x better! It’s  essential. We are working to keep you beautiful all around the clock. With minimum to no shedding, tangling or imperfections. We want you to wake up and go and have no worries when it comes to your hair. We work to provide you with the best of the best